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Privacy PolicyCOMPLIANCE WITH GDPR - UE 2016/679
This site is under Art.2/p.2/letter c) of the GDPR - UE 2016/679.
Browsing this Internet site, some data about yourself or data that may be linked to yourself, is handled.
The entity responsible for the data management is Andrea Rimicci, and he can be reached by email at: privacy (at) rimicci . name
Andrea Rimicci is the data manager, as the main operator of this site.
All data management is done at the same address of the data manager and data is handled only by authorized personnel.
Browsing data
The software and services running this web site may collect some personal data inherent the Internet protocol itself.
The above data is not collected in order to identify yourself, but it is possible some data, by mining and/or third party data management, can maybe identify yourself.This kind of data includes, but is not limited to: your IP address, your URI requests, date and time of the requests, and any technical data about the processed request (number of bytes, error codes and alike) and any data sent by your browser when making the page request to this site.The collected data is used only for statistical purpose, checking the regular operations of the site, against Internet Attacks and historical records are stored three years. After three years, the stored data is anonymized clearing the last part of the associated IP address.Data sent by the user
User may want to send data on purpose (requests and feedback): this data is collected in order to process the user request. Any special data usage outside this document is clearly stated in the pages containing the form(s) requesting the data.
We do not collect on purpose any user personal data.
We do not use any cookie on purpose of collecting your personal data, nor any "persistent" cookie at the scope of tracking users.We only use session cookies (automatically deleted when your browser closes) at the only scope of the correct operation of this site and user management of only registered users.We do not use any other kind of technologies to track or mining user's personal data without his/her consent.OPTIONAL DATA
Excluding the above automatically collected data, the user is free to send us more data, by using the web site forms, or by email, or any other method, in order to get any service provided by the site.
If the user will deny submitting some data needed to process his/her request, the request may not be able to be processed.It is needed to say the legal authorities may ask extraction of some of the collected data, as regular checks about this web site data management policy, and we need to comply to the requests.HOW DATA IS MANAGED
Personal data is managed with automated systems only for the scopes they were collected, and only for the needed time to handle the requests.
There are in effect security policies in order to avoid the leaking of any personal data or misuse by the web site operators.USER RIGHTS
The user have the right to know if any personal data is collected about him/her, know the content of that data, and also the right to request its deletion or update or make them Anonymous.
Any request needs be sent by this site's contact form.This policy, online at , is the "Privacy Policy" of this web site and may be updated anytime.